I'm a born and raised Torontonian currently pursuing my PhD at the University of Toronto's Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology. I previously completed both my Combined Honours BA in philosophy and biology and my MA in philosophy at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. 

Outside of my graduate school and work commitments, I keep up with a number of hobbies and sports. I'm a competitive ultra runner and powerlifter, and find that balancing my work with these sports is an essential part of my being able to "do" philosophy. I'm also an avid cook and baker and run a home baking business. I love playing around with flavour combinations and firmly believe that baking and mixing flavours is a form of philosophy. I'm committed to my balcony farm/garden and take great pride in being able to cook and bake with fruits and veggies I grew myself. I love learning about hyper-specific regional cuisine and produce, and I make a point of visiting grocery stores whenever I travel somewhere new. 

If you would like to contact me about my research or you would like to learn more about hyper-regional fruit or trail shoe lug depth, you can email me at ra.katz@mail.utoronto.ca


Finishing the 2023 Istria 110km race in Umag, Croatia

Putting the finishing touches on my friend's wedding cake.